New styling, and finally images!


The website has a new look. This is based on a design that a dear acquaintance sent me, who is actually a real designer / graphical artist (if you're reading this, thanks!) Im must admit it's quite a bit bolder than I would have gone, but that's a good thing.

An unusual media query

One thing though: the original design had very large fonts for all the headlines, which looks awesome on a big screen. My screen here (I work on a laptop) is not a big screen; there were some posts where the title spanned three lines and filled the entire screen.

I already have a media query in place "for mobile phones", specifically @media(max-width: 400px), which folds up the navigation. Since I had a styling problem when the screen was not high enough, I added a new media query: @media(max-height: 900px). In these cases, the headlines are restricted to half of what they would be on an unbounded screen. It works quite well. I'm considering adding more (and of course different) media queries to, for example, tighten up the line spacing when the paragraphs get narrower.

…and images!

In other news, enjoy this screenshot of me playing Kerbal Space Program:

A rocket leaving the launch pad
My Duna lander. Note how happy the three guys in the bottom right are!

Yes, we have images on this site. But more importantly, I'm playing Kerbal Space Program, which I'll talk about later. It's on Steam, it's on Linux (I actually play it on Steam on Linux), it's great fun!

The rocket pictured is my first attempt at a lander on Duna, one of the planets in the game. Not only does the rocket use Asparagus Staging, but the lander is under full throttle, too, because if I'm going to carry any engines to orbit, they'd better work for it, dammit!