This website

I'm building this website from scratch. It's more fun this way.



New styling, and finally images!


The website has a new look with a CSS media query twist, and finally some images!

A new markup language for posts


Previous versions of these posts (blog and project news) were written mostly in HTML. I've now added my own markup language and converted all existing posts.

Project news on project pages


Each project has their own project page, with news for this project on it. These project pages are linked to on the project overview page.

Each post has its own page


Each post now has – and links to – its own page. This means that each post consists of a summary (shown on the index pages) and a full text.

For older posts, prior to this change, the summary is used as the fallback for the text.

Switching the webstack to nginx and Mojolicious


I'm switching the webstack I'm using for running this site. First, I'm placing an nginx server in front of everything. This will also serve static files.

Next, I'm changing the server to something more dynamic: I'm running the site on the Mojolicious Perl web framework. Specifically, I'm serving the "HTML" files through Mojolicious' built-in Hypnotoad server, and proxying to it from nginx.

New look, no bootstrap


The bootstrap experiment didn't work out, probably due to my desire to meddle with everything. But I've managed a nice, lean, and even responsive look in any case.

The "Blog" and "Projects" links in the navigation don't work for now. And you probably shouldn't try this with Internet Explorer.

Next up: gradients in Google Chrome, and some nice webfonts!

Trying to bootstrap this site


I've been experimenting with bootstrap a bit, in an effort to make this site at least a little bit prettier. It's prettier, yes, but at the moment, I'm fighting against it more than working with it. The grid seems to add quite a bit of markup overhead, and I'm having trouble trying to get the date on the same line as the headline for these sections. In fact, my needs are so basic that I could probably get them done more easily with pure CSS.

I'll work on it some more before trying that, though.



I've got a logo! Not spectacular, but mine. And an SVG.

I'm currently working on a few Perl modules (got CPAN access!). Now I'm trying to get a good grip on the entire Perl distribution infrastructure. At the moment, I'm trying out Dist::Zilla.

Preparing a Logo


I'm trying to create a logo for myself. After that, maybe settle on a color scheme, and start adding CSS to this site. This is going to be the slowest-growing site since before Netscape launched Composer!