Positron version 0.1.0 released


The next version of Positron, version 0.1.0, has been released on CPAN.

This is actually quite a major jump (hence the "1" in the "minor version position"). The thing is, for a month or two, I had no real internet connection at home. So actual releases were difficult to arrange. On the other hand, most of my work is done on the train to and from work, where I don't have an internet connection anyway. So my programming output stayed constant, while my publishing / releasing output stagnated.

So I worked on the DOM templating code in a separate git branch, adding feature after feature, while the master branch stayed at about the point of the last release. And now that I've got an internet connection again, my plan was to gradually release small steps until the "official version" had caught up with where I actually was. This included merging and changing history. I use Dist::Zilla with several nice plugins, including one that automatically adds dates and version numbers to the Changes file, and that commits and tags each release. So to "simulate" small releases, I'd have to add a few commits to the master, update the Changes, have Dist::Zilla commit and tag that set, and then rebase the next part of the branch onto the now changed master.

And for what? The code was already sitting there, already passing its tests. Noone was holding their breath, hoping I'd release fewer features at a slower pace. Not to mention that I write a post about each release (like this one), which takes an order of magnitude (or more!) longer than typing dzil release and entering two passwords.

So there it is. A new majoresque version has been released, with more than half of Positron::Template finished, but without any documentation. Oh, and you can only use ArrayRefs, no real DOM classes or modules yet.

But hey, that's why it's alpha ;-)