Working on WebGL for 2D games


My last post has been a while back. Instead of writing posts, or working on public stuff, I'm experimenting with WebGL for top-down 2D games. This is probably not anything you need WebGL for, but you do get rotating, scaling and transparency basically for free. And I have quite a handful of game ideas based on a 2D top-down view.

My plan is to create some kind of 2D game engine. It does not need to be fancy, just have a few interconnected things I can use to build these games. And, of course, I dream of someone else using it for something.

I'm trying out the three.js library. It's ok so far, good even, but I'm constantly torn between trying to find out how to do things in this library, and writing them myself. My requirements are quite simple (in fact, I don't try to do anything I couldn't code myself), but if the library already has figured that out, then I should use it instead, right?

Except that I'm missing the joy of learning and programming for myself, which is frustration often enough, but still engrossing. And, of course, whenever I use a library function, I constantly think about how I could be writing this, instead, even if it eventually turns out to take longer and produce worse results.

Anyway, long story short: I'm writing 2D WebGL games. I've got a game similar to the venerable Space Invaders lying around, with sound effects and music, even. Except that one of my testers (ok, a family member) reports that the sound will not work on Firefox, and the game crashes Chrome. Well, if this doesn't work out, I can at least get rich on Chrome bug bounties :-P