I made a game!


In my last post, I vowed that I would make a web game. And I did, and here it is: my Guessing Game! It's the traditional "I'm thinking of a number" game, with a twist. Well, not much of a twist. Try starting at 1 or 10 instead of 5.

But no matter. I finally got one published. And it's finished. I will not spend another minute on it. Well, bar bug fixes, expansions, and the odd DLC.

And you know what? It feels just like I imagined it would. Which is not very good, more of a "meh". Because that was not the hard part. The hard parts are: going strong through a very long project, and spreading the word afterwards.

But no matter. I got one out. The next one will probably be harder, but that's ok. There's a chance I can make a habit of this.