Currently playing: Anomaly: Warzone Earth


I'm playing Anomaly: Warzone Earth, a "tower offense" game. It's the reverse of tower defense, in which your units follow a path you decide, combatting stationary enemy towers. You still purchase, place and upgrade your units. The units keep moving forward in a chain or convoy, but you still get to decide which way they go on forks in the road. Circles are possible, though.

I haven't played it very far, but I like it. The mechanics are nice, the visuals are great, and you can choose the difficulty for each mission. Specifically, I like:

It's cross-platform

By which I don't just mean "PC, consoles and mobile", though it does run on those. More important for me is that it runs not just on Windows and Mac, but Linux, too. Native, and very stable so far.

I play on a laptop with Nvidia Optimus, as described in my Portal post. Anomaly runs on the integrated Intel GPU, though I didn't try that farther than the menu screen. There seems to be a graphics glitch with fullscreen under primusrun, but it's stable under optirun. So that's what I'm using.

It's humble

The game was part of the Humble Indie Bundle. I forget which part, but one of the main line ones. That's how I got it, anyway. So it's not only cross-platform, but DRM free as well.

At the time of this writing, it's also up on the Humble Weekly Sale (just this week!). Even after that, though, it's on the Humble Store, which one can find directly on the game's website. Also on Steam and various App Stores.

Technically, since Steam is on Linux now, and the Humble Bundle hands out Steam keys, even retroactively, I could have installed the game via Steam. But back then, the Humble Bundle didn't hand out Steam keys for all games, so I installed it manually. Works just as well.

It knows Dvorak!

I use Dvorak as my keyboard layout. Normally, I have to either switch to Querty for games, or remap everything, if possible (I'm looking at you, Binding of Isaac. A lonely checkbox to switch to "Azerty mode"? Hello?).

I took a look at the keyboard settings for Warzone, and to my surprise, it was Dvorak already! That is, instead of WASD, it had bound the movement keys to ,AOU (yes, a comma. That's Dvorak, trust me.).

I'm guessing they bound the "physical" keys (like "second row, third key"), and then queried the system for the current "name" of that key. Impressive in any case, but this was on Linux, too!

Now that's attention to detail.