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Ars longa, vita brevis…

Game programming and engines – top-down or bottom-up?


There are two directions from which to approach writing a game: starting bottom-up from the most basic library calls, or top-down by using a preexisting game engine. And I don't know what to do.

Working on WebGL for 2D games


I'm working on WebGL for 2D games. The goal is to build a smallish engine for several game ideas. As usual, the process of writing this is not as straightforward as I would like.

I made a game!


As has been foretold, I have created, and published, a web game. And it was all that I imagined.

I will make a game


I'm a hobbyist game designer. I've designed hundreds of games in my head, I have plenty of programming knowledge, enough resources and some spare time, and even web space to do with what I want. So why can't I finish a single game?

Positron version 0.1.3 released


Version 0.1.3 of Positron has been released. Adds a lot of new features, but still just for array reference DOM representation. Also, I like Test Driven Development.

Positron bugfix version 0.1.1


A bug-fixing version 0.1.1 of Positron has been released. The only fix was in the automated tests, specifically some Storable files I had created to be passed along.

Positron version 0.0.7 released


Version 0.0.7 of Positron has been released! Now with our own regular expression based expression engine, and both hardening and softening!

Positron version 0.1.0 released


Version 0.1.0 of Positron has been released. This is the first version with actual support for DOM Templating via the Positron::Template module. Not much documentation yet.

Positron version 0.0.8 released


Version 0.0.8 of Positron has been released! The switch construct of Positron::DataTemplate now uses the "|"-sigil, not the "?" one. This sigil is now used for "conditional keys", a shortcut to turn a part of a hash on or off.

Goodbye, Parse::RecDescent


The grammar for Positron::Expression is parsed by the Parse::RecDescent module. While a great multi-purpose parser, the module has some limitations which are gradually overshadowing the benefits. I'm in the process of replacing it with a home-grown parser based on regular expressions.